Suicide Squad director David Ayer is already in talks to reteam with Will Smith for a sequel next year.

In an era of increasingly-bloated (both in cast and in budget), shared universe comic book movies, movie studios have become increasingly focused on not only finding the next blockbuster, but the next blockbuster franchise. It’s simple economics, really; more movies equals more toys to sell, more cross-promotions with the all-new, fully-loaded Jeep Renegade, more exclusive pre-order Blu-ray combo packs, and so forth.

With a cast including such heavy-hitters as Will Smith and Jared Leto and a budget rumored to be north of 250 million dollars, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is a movie that clearly has franchise potential written all over it. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that, some five months before it even hits theaters, we’re already hearing rumblings of a probable sequel.

The news comes via The Wrap, who reported that Ayer and Smith would be teaming up in the fall to bring a “fantasy cop film” written by Max Landis to life — that is, only if Ayer can fit the project in “before Warner Bros. brings him and Smith back for a planned “Suicide Squad” sequel in 2017.”

Dubbed Bright, the supernatural thriller will see Smith “Set in a world where orcs and fairies live among humans…and boasts a unique protagonist in the form of an orc cop.”

With Smith having just started filming “Collateral Beauty” for New Line and additionally being scheduled to shoot back-to-back Bad Boys sequels alongside Martin Lawrence, it is unknown whether this collaboration with Ayer will ever see the light of day before the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel begins filming.

Of course, all these plans will likely change if Suicide Squad happens to somehow bomb on August 5th, which…who am I kidding, that’s not gonna happen.

Source: The Wrap

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