Developer Neversoft thinks that the Guitar Hero series has lost its identity and soul, but that Warriors of Rock will help them reclaim it.

Harmonix may be releasing Rock Band 3 sometime soon, but rival Guitar Hero is on its sixth installment – and that isn’t even counting all of the spinoff titles like Aerosmith, Metallica, or the rumored Guitar Hero: Queen.

As a result, said Neversoft’s Brian Bright to ONM, the franchise had sort of lost its identity – something Neversoft was hoping to correct with the next installment, Warriors of Rock.

“Yeah, I do [think the series has lost its way.] I think the first 3 had a very strong idea of rock n roll with very strong, very focused set lists and I think Metallica could fit in that bunch as well. World Tour we went to a full band and with Guitar Hero 5 we were trying to please everyone out there and I think in the end you end up not pleasing any one person a lot.”

Warriors of Rock, on the other hand, will hopefully feature a set list for people “who liked Guitar Hero 3 and the challenge that it had. We don’t have pop songs on there … [some] articles said [Guitar Hero 5] was a bit soulless. We wanted to put more into this game and give it its life back.”

A franchise rediscovering its soul is a good thing. But alas, this means my dreams of one day playing Guitar Hero: Lady Gaga will sadly never be.

(Official Nintendo Magazine)

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