Say hello to The Spartan Show.

A Washington state couple managed to rack up more than 200,000 Twitch channel views in a single day with their impromptu call-in program, The Spartan Show. The pair started streaming from their PS4 PlayRoom pack at 1pm Pacific, just chatting, and callers started phoning from all over the world to join in. It didn’t take long before Sony got in on the act, and VP Adam Boyes took time out to give them a call.

“Better plan on doing this on a regular basis,” he said. Shuhei Yoshida is a Spartan Show fan, and the show’s numbers spiked after the official PlayStation Twitter account gave it a boost. Whether or not the couple keep up with their early success is up to them. It all started as a way to tell people about a DualShock 4 mod and went a bit off-script from there; the pair kept the show on-air for as long as possible, but it’s dark right now.

The PlayRoom might not have been intended for this kind of fun, but if these two can do it, anyone can, and will. In the meantime, The Spartan Show‘s due back online soon, and if you want in, the feed’s over here.

Source: Venture Beat

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