Watch Clips from Game of Thrones Next Episode

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Get a sneak peek at episode seven “You Win or You Die” before it airs on Sunday.

HBO already allowed users of their HBOGo app to watch the full episode seven on their iPads, but if you live outside the US or have a draconic internet provider (damn you, Time Warner Cable!) then you haven’t yet seen it. Imagine my glee when an email ppped up with two preview clips from the episode from the boys at HBO that I will now share with you guys. The good news is that the clips focus on characters we haven’t seen much (Jeor Mormont, Osha and Maester Luwin) but the bad news is that the clips are pretty darn short. It’s still a great tease though.

The brief exchange between Luwin and the wilding Osha who we first met trying to kill Bran Stark in episode six speaks way more than the 22 second clip provides. Something is happening in the North, something that is frightening even the tough folk who live beyond the Wall. Luwin wonders perhaps whether the White Walkers from the pilot episode weren’t just figments of the beheaded deserter’s imagination.

Jeor Mormont hasn’t had a lot of screen time for being the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. I miss his crazy pet raven and the fatherly relationship he develops with Jon Snow, which is in part to replace the void left by his real son who has been exiled (He’s Jorah Mormont, the guy with Daenerys Targaryen.) But at least here we get a little taste of Commander Mormont’s authority on the Wall as he regales the assembled recruits what it means to be a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch.

The last few weeks, I start to get excited when Friday rolls around (“Gotta get down on Friday”) and it’s not because I get to spend time with my daughter, or sleep in till noon, or even play whatever game is tickling my fancy like The Witcher or L.A. Noire. I can’t wait for the weekend because that means I can watch the next episode of Game of Thrones.

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