Watch: Halo 5‘s Opening Cinematic


Nathan Fillion return in style for Halo 5‘s opening cinematic.

Halo fans may remember that the otherwise lackluster Halo: ODST featured voice acting and mo-cap from geek culture darling: Nathan Fillion. He had a short stint reprising his role as as Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck in Reach, and now he is coming back again for Halo 5, with its just-revealed opening cinematic showing off Buck and his team’s new Spartan abilities.

Check out the trailer to the right.

The trailer starts with some quite impressive motion capture of Fillion, before his team descends into an extended downhill firefight. You get to see the new Spartans using some cool new abilities, but mostly just watching them flow through the battle using their jump jets is just a thing of majesty and awe.

It’s a shame we didn’t really learn anything new about these characters, but it’s certainly a very “epic” opener.

Halo 5 is set to release exclusively on Xbox One on October 27.

Source: YouTube

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