Watch Men Battle Undead in Epic Skyrim Video


Put LOTR, Braveheart and Skyrim in a blender and you get “The Great Battle of Skyrim“.

What happens when you pit hundreds of skeletons against warriors in Dwarven armor? Seven minutes of awesome, as evidenced in a video blazing through the interwebs today called the “The Great Battle of Skyrim.” The creator has the fitting Youtube user name of “Tyrannicon” and used a combination of mods and console commands to play puppet-master for the epic assault on the fortress of a mad magic-user.

There’s not much of story behind “The Great Battle of Skyrim” but I find the lack of dialogue or setting kind of interesting in its own way. Humans decked in Dwarven armor battle skeletons and draugr, while the enemy spellcaster tosses fireballs. There’s even an Bone Dragon – Dracolich, if you’re nasty – thrown into the mix before an epic duel in the courtyard complete with dramatic music crescendos.

Oh, and it’s raining.

“The Great Battle of Skyrim” is a fun ride and I appreciated the nods to epic movie-making. If you listen closely at around 4:14, you’ll hear the famous Wilhelm Scream. The sound effect of a man screaming is a bit cliché as it been used in countless films and TV shows, but it first gained notoriety in the original Star Wars trilogy and Indian Jones films.

Kudos to Tyrannicon for a nifty video, a kick ass handle, and the chops to use the Wilhelm Scream not once, but twice in “The Great Battle of Skyrim“.

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