Modern Warfare 3 fleshes out Spec Ops with a brand new Survival mode and ranking system.

The first Modern Warfare 3 trailer revealed that players will probably become involved in World War III in the single-player storyline, but what about the game’s other modes? Activision has divulged that Spec Ops from Modern Warfare 2 will return with a host of upgrades and a Survival mode.

A USA Today hands-on reveals the brand new co-op mode which will bring players together against waves of enemies on the game’s multiplayer maps. Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 3 will also come with a progressive ranking system like that seen in regular multiplayer, in addition to online matchmaking and team leaderboards.

In Survival, players collect currency to purchase and swap out weapons or install turrets while an unlimited number of enemy waves flow toward your hot ammunition. Waves get progressively harder, starting out including normal guys-with-guns but then peppering in kamikaze dogs, juggernauts, and attack choppers.

Infinity Ward community liaison Robert Bowling tweeted that players will be able to unlock “weapons, gear, and killstreaks” through the ranking system. He adds that Spec Ops, Modern Warfare‘s co-op mission mode, will once again feature “tactical objective-based missions” for multiple players in addition to Survival, but co-op will not be present in the single-player campaign.

Activision is still staying mum on the new features to be included in competitive multiplayer, the portion of the game that most Call of Duty players look forward to. Expected would be a similar expansion of features as we see here with Spec Ops.

*Note: The screenshots here are just the latest for the game, not necessarily of the Survival mode.

Source: USA Today, Twitter

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