Watch: Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms, and Debunks, Popular Mario Theories


Miyamoto addresses a number of Mario fan theories in a new video.

As both the release of Super Mario Maker and the franchise’s 30th birthday draw near, Nintendo posted a video of legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto clearing the air on some popular Mario theories.

“There are so many myths about Mario… Mr Miyamoto reveals the truth,” Nintendo of Europe tweeted alongside the video early this morning.

In the new video, called “Mario Myths with Mr. Miyamoto” (I love alliteration), Miyamoto confirmed that Mario was named after former Nintendo of America warehouse landlord Mario Segale, disputed the theory that Mario is about to lose a life on the cover of the original Super Mario Bros., and denied that Boos are deceased Bob-ombs.

One of the more interesting points was when Miyamoto confirmed the widespread speculation that Super Mario Bros. 3 was all part of a performance put on for an audience. The title featured curtain calls, with mechanical devices used to move platforms that cast unlikely shadows on the sky. It had long been theorized that Mario, and everyone else, was always free from danger, instead putting on a play for an audience. Miyamoto confirms in the video that Super Mario Bros. 3 was, in fact, a performance.

Additionally, Miyamoto would not allow Dr. Mario to operate on him, Mario breaks blocks with his fists, and Bowser Jr.’s mother is… none other than Miyamoto himself.

Super Mario Maker releases tomorrow, Sept. 11.

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