The “Wave” hoax assures iPhone users that they can charge their Apple devices by microwaving them.

Anyone who has passed grade school no doubt knows (or has even experienced first hand) the destruction caused from putting metal and plastic in the microwave. But, when a legit looking hoax tells iPhone users they can “charge” their phones by microwaving them, more than a few rubes fell for the rather cruel prank, and are showcasing their destroyed devices via Twitter.

First up, here is the “Wave” hoax image that’s been floating around the web:

Warning: do not try this at home.

As you can see from the fake advert, the hoax involves tricking users into throwing their phones into the microwave, with the promise of a quick charge. Fansided has gone ahead and collected some of the best Twitter reactions of people falling for the prank. Check out Apple’s most gullible fans bellow:


We at the Escapist would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Apple, as worshiped as they are, has not earned the power to change the laws of physics, and until that day comes, microwaving your phone will only destroy it, and possibly the microwave used in the process.

Thank you, and stay in school.

Source: Fansided

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