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After the success of The LEGO Movie, Warner Bros. is on its way to make a Minecraft movie with director Shawn Levy.

Warner Brothers Entertainment is in talks with Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy to direct and develop a Minecraft movie. Warner Bros. announced in February it had acquired the rights to a live-action Minecraft movie, and since then not much has been announced.

Levy directed and produced the three Night at the Museum movies, the latest of which will release this December. His other directing credits include This is Where I Leave You, Real Steel, and Date Night.

Warner Bros. acquired Minecraft‘s film rights after its massive success with The LEGO Movie. However, unlike The LEGO Movie, this Minecraft movie is going to be a live-action adaptation. On board as a producer is Roy Lee of the The LEGO Movie, as is as Jill Messick, who produced Mean Girls and Baby Mama.

This Minecraft film might not be the last one from Warner Bros. Deadline reports the company hopes to launch a “multiple audience quadrant film franchise.” So far the company has not revealed what the movie will be about, casting, or when it will be released.

Microsoft acquired Minecraft developer Mojang in September in a $2.5 million deal. The Vita edition of the game released October 14.

Source: Deadline via GameFront

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