We Dare, the “sexy Wii minigame compilation” that debuted last week, has a 12+ rating in the U.K. and a lot of parents are none too happy about it.

If the very idea of a sexy adult party game for the Wii is a bit odd, the fact that it earned a 12+ rating in the U.K. might seem downright bizarre. But that’s exactly the situation as the country’s videogame rating standards run up against Ubisoft’s racy marketing hype, causing no small amount of confusion among parents who think a sex game is being marketed toward their children.

“I have a 13 year old daughter and if I knew she was playing such a highly charged sexual game with boys, I would be appalled,” said Laura Pearson of Birmingham. “It is encouraging under-age sex.” Another parent said the game will “fuel sexual tensions” and could lead to “sexual touching or assault.”

Yet according to Laurie Hall of the Video Standards Council, We Dare isn’t nearly as bad as Ubisoft is trying to make it appear. While the infamous ad for the game features two attractive couples gettin’ jiggy wit’ it in a softly-lit living room and the publisher has added a “Parental Discretion Advised” sticker to the packaging, Hall said typical 16-year-olds would find the game’s content “beneath them.”

“There is no sexual activity,” Hall said. “There is suggestion and innuendo if you’re that way inclined but you don’t actually see anything.” The advertisement that appeared on YouTube is “more extreme” than anything in the game, he added.

Labor MP and long-time game critic Keith Vaz predictably spoke out on the controversy, saying the 12+ rating was “clearly” wrong. “As a family friendly console, Wii must ensure that there are proper checks and a full consultation before games are graded for use by children,” he said. “This game should not be released until these checks are made.”

Other “senior politicians” are also calling for the game’s planned launch to be suspended while its content and rating are investigated, although at least one mother doesn’t see what the big deal is. “It’s only like a modern day spin the bottle,” said Sandra Betts, who has a 15-year-old son. “It’s just a bit of harmless fun.” Assuming no delays, We Dare is expected to come out sometime in March.

Source: The Telegraph

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