Weaponize Your Offspring in Conception: Please Deliver My Child


The upcoming release of Conception: Please Deliver My Child means I can never accuse JRPGs of being formulaic ever again.

You start the game as your average (and by average, I mean “absurdly skinny and attractive) recently-graduated high schooler. Shortly after your cousin comes to you and reveals that she’s pregnant, you’re whisked away to a distant, magical land and promptly tasked with saving it from an impending monster invasion.

To do this, you have to find the twelve star maidens, seduce and impregnate them, then use your ill-gotten, bastard children to fight monsters.

Oh yes. Each sproglet comes with her (they all appear to be female) own unique abilities, and you can take all twelve of them into battle at once. Nothing says “responsible parenting” like having your offspring hurl themselves at dangerous monsters in adorable waves.

The game itself appears to be an odd mashup of dating sim and dungeon crawler, a combination that worked very well for the later Persona titles. Conception: Please Deliver My Child will be released on the PSP on April 26th in Japan. No word on anything even resembling a western release as of yet.

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