With over 360 entries in our first ever Webcomic Contest, one stood out amongst the rest. A new “Critical Miss”, previously “Out of Tens”, will be published every Tuesday and Friday.

Beginning today, “Critical Miss”, winner of The Escapist Webcomic Contest, will be available exclusively on The Escapist. Previously known as “Out of Tens”, “Critical Miss” revolves around the intrepid heroine, Erin Stout, as she begins working for one of the biggest game review sites on the web. Thinking it would be fun, Erin quickly discovers the life of a popular games journalist is not all it’s cracked up to be. Caught between an absurdly corrupt boss and a savagely opinionated readership, she is forced to choose between her journalistic principles and her desire to not live in a cardboard box. While life swirls around her, she still finds the time to sneak away for an occasional round of videogames.

Check back every Tuesday and Friday, as Erin begins her escapades in “Critical Miss”, only at The Escapist. The first comic is now live, so click here!

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