This week we learn that aliens really liked Peru for some reason, a G.I. Joe movie doesn’t need to be bad and South Korea may just have shot themselves in the foot as the world leader in Starcraft.


2011 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

We’ve come to that time of year once again, dear friends. That time when you’ll lose many of your sanity points not only trying to figure out what to get the nerd in your life, but also what to suggest your clueless loved ones procure for you. To the rescue comes your friends at The Escapist! (Link)


Modern Warfare 3 Bans Depend on “Douchiness of the Offense”

This week hasn’t been a great one for equitable bans so far. Now, in an incidental attempt to remind us of the value of even-handed justice, Infinity Ward creative strategist Robin Bowling has revealed the nature of the ban-scale used by his studio’s security teams. “Every ban [is] unique to the level of douchiness of the offense,” he said on Twitter. “The greater the douche the greater the length [of the ban]. PermaDouche possible.” (Link)


Peruvian Scientists Discover Alien Corpse

The image at right depicts a mummified body recently unearthed by Peruvian anthropologist Renato Davila Riquelme that he believes is an extraterrestrial. Or, more specifically, that he originally believed to be a deformed human child, before Russian scientists swooped in and said, “Да друга. То есть чужой.” (Roughly translated: “Yup, that’s an alien.”) (Link)


Here Is The G.I. Joe Film You’ve Been Waiting For

Let’s be honest about something: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was pretty much a giant middle finger from Hollywood to … well, everyone, but especially those of us who grew up in the 1980s watching the animated series. Two years later, it looks like a fan has succeeded where The Rise of Cobra failed with Operation: Red Retrieval. He’s created a live-actionG.I. Joe movie that is gritty, fun, violent, and slightly ridiculous. (Link)


South Korea’s “Shutdown Law” Takes Effect

South Korea’s government has long been worried about the prevalence of online gaming addiction in its tech-savvy country. Fearing the effects that high levels of addiction could have on its future (specifically, everyone failing school), the government passed a Shutdown Law in April this year which would ban all gamers aged under 16 from playing online games between midnight and 6:00 am. Earlier this week, the law went into effect. (Link)

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