OK, you have to fight through some Mad Men stuff first. But then let the good times roll!

Yes, it’s that magical time of year when Emmy Awards get handed out like candy to everyone’s favourite TV shows, as well as a few other shows you may or may not have heard of. Game of Thrones didn’t do so well this year, but that doesn’t matter, because ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic stole the awards ceremony with his musical Game of Thrones pastiche. Yes, there are some other shows in there too. If you don’t care about them, whip through to about 1.35.

Though nominated in several categories this year, George R.R. Martin’s series adaptation failed to take home any loot. At least George had the grace to look happy when handed the typewriter. Rumor has it he’s less than thrilled when people bug him to get the books written, already.

Source: NBC YouTube

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