Wendy’s Promotes Wii and Frosty


Wendy’s Wii promotion coincides with new Frosty flavor.

Wendy’s famous Frosty shake is being given a beverage boost in the form of the new Vanilla Frosty Float, a Frosty with the addition of any available soft drink. Participants in the promotion can purchase the new floats for the opportunity of finding special codes that, when entered at the Frosty Float website, will win them one of 800 Wii consoles, 800 Wii games or 800 Wii Points cards. This contest will be cross-marketed along with the new dessert until June 30.

Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer Ian Rowden said, “Wendy’s and Nintendo are dedicated to creating fun, shared experiences for families. We’re thrilled that in connection with our newest menu innovation — the Vanilla Frosty Float — we’re giving consumers an opportunity to win one of the most coveted game systems in the marketplace today.”

“Both Nintendo and Wendy’s know the value of offering customers new ways to bring the family together. This is an important partnership for us. Wendy’s and Wii are enjoyed by every member of the family,” added George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications.

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