Atomic Heart does not have the most stupendous accessibility options, but here is what few are available to players.

Atomic Heart has arrived at a time when more and more games are getting a full suite of accessibility options. Forspoken, for example, has plenty of optional, accessibility-friendly features, as do God of War Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part II. So what accessibility options does Atomic Heart have? The answer is underwhelming.

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart Does Not Have Many Accessibility Options

Atomic Heart essentially has two accessibility-friendly options, and they’re both pretty standard. Firstly, you can enable subtitles, whether the voice overs are in your native language or not. Also, you can turn auto aim on and off. And that’s it.

That’s not particularly great, no. Could you argue that having different difficulty levels, as the game does, counts as an accessibility option? Maybe, but it’s a bit of a stretch. There are no options for color blindness, no audio description, and no high-contrast mode.

So just subtitles, basically? Yes, but there’s a snag there. At launch, the subtitles only came in one size, so if they were too small for you, there was no making them bigger. However, Mundfish has stated a patch for the game will correct this and let users alter the size of subtitles, in addition to FOV.

But for now, the answer to what accessibility options Atomic Heart has is there are very few of them.

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