Lost Ark The Art of War Content Ark Pass

Popular MMO action role playing game Lost Ark has just added its latest big update to the game titled ‘The Art of War,’ which brings heaps of new content. There is a new class, PvP updates, special events, and a new season pass. If you’re thinking about returning to play some of the new update, read on for all the details!

What New Content and Features Arrive in Lost Ark ‘The Art of War?’

‘The Art of War’ heralds one of the first major updates for Lost Ark in 2023 and brings in a handful of new content, events, and changes. The first major addition to the game is the brand new advanced class, the Artist. The Artist uses a giant magical brush with ink that she wields to attack her enemies or to paint holy beasts to fight for her. It’s definitely a class worth checking out due to her unique style and powerful utility, and we’ve got a guide to her skills and abilities.

PvP has new content, with the update introducing a large battlefield to fight in called the Tulubik Battlefield. You’ll need to be in a faction and have leveled it up to faction level 3 or higher, as well as be at a time level of 1490 or higher to be able to participate in this mode. This new mode will be a 96-player battle with 48 players on each side duking it out for some sweet rewards.

If you’re after a less intense PvP mode, don’t worry. There is a fun, fan favorite event returning for this update: the Arkesia Grand Prix. This special racing event features two teams of 7 players racing around a course. This event is very rewarding, with the event coins gained from competing in it able to be spent on valuable items such as a Naruni Mount Selection Chest and various impactful honing materials, among other prizes. It’s well worth giving this mode a go, even if just to earn some coins to spend on the rewards.

Ark Pass Season 3 also kicks off in ‘The Art of War’ update, providing a ton of meaningful rewards to be earned throughout your play sessions on Lost Ark. There is a free tier for all players, as well as the option to buy the premium version. The free version features all sorts of useful rewards such as Pheons, Honing Material Selection Chests, a Legendary Card Pack, and even a special Chromarong pet which looks cute as heck! Paying for the premium version unlocks a secondary rewards track so that you earn double the rewards as you progress. If you feel like splashing some cash for even more cosmetics, there is a super premium track adding a third layer of rewards on to the pass, sheesh!

That covers the new content additions and events in ‘The Art of War’ update for Lost Ark. Now is the perfect time to get back into the game or even make a start if you haven’t. You’ll be getting all kinds of extra event rewards just for hopping on to play during the new update!

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