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What Does Snapping Do in Marvel Snap?

Here is the full answer to what does snapping do in Marvel Snap, as well as when and how that players can unlock it.

As titles go, Marvel Snap’s seems mildly confusing. It’s got nothing to do with the traditional card-matching snap game. It’s more of a reference to Avengers: Infinity War’s infamous conclusion. But what does it mean, gameplay-wise? If you’ve been wondering what does snapping do in Marvel Snap, I’ve got the answer.

What It Means to Snap in Marvel Snap

You won’t be able to snap right away. The mechanic is only unlocked when you reach Iron Level, so a few rounds down the line. By default, when you play against someone — whether it’s a real person or a bot — if you lose the match you lose two cubes. You have the option to retreat before the end of the game, in which case you’ll lose just one cube.

Cubes are important because they let you ascend through the regular leagues. But if you want to speed up your ascent, you can snap. In-game, at the top of the screen, there’s a Cosmic Cube. If you click or tap on that (right up to and including the final round), you will double the stake. However, your opponent can also snap, doubling the stakes once again. Here’s how it works:

Nobody snaps: Winner gets 2 cubes, loser loses 2 cubes (or 1 cube if they retreat)

One player snaps: Winner gets 4 cubes, loser loses 4 cubes (or 2 cubes if they retreat)

Both players snap: Winner gets 8 cubes, loser loses 8 cubes (or 4 cubes if they retreat)

When Is the Best Time to Snap in Marvel Snap?

If you’re snapping just to earn more cubes, which is the main reason to snap, the best time to snap is when you’ve got a good hand or setup, preferably late in the game.

If, for example, you’ve got a location that duplicates a card and you’ve got the Hulk on standby, that’s a good reason to snap. Or snap if you think you’ve got your opponent’s strategy or deck figured out.

You don’t gain anything from snapping earlier. You can, in theory, snap to bluff an opponent. But I’ve not often had anyone retreat after I snapped. It doesn’t help that some of the opponents you face are bots and presumably immune to being bluffed.

So, snapping lets you double the number of cubes you stand to win / lose, and the best time to do it is later in each game. And that’s what you need to know about what snapping does in Marvel Snap and how it works.

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