What Is the Black Family Motto in Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy Professor Black Polyjuice Potion

To complete the main story quest titled “The Polyjuice Plot” in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to know what the Black family motto is. Since you’re using the Polyjuice Potion to stand in as Professor Black, headmaster at Hogwarts, you’ll be expected to know the motto. You’ll have to do a bit of digging, but choosing the proper steps will get you the information you need and help you complete the quest.

Fans of Harry Potter who have read the books or seen the movies know that the Polyjuice Potion allows the person who takes it to impersonate another person. On screen, it was last used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 as Harry’s allies worked to shield him from the forces of evil out to hurt him in the first act. Although you will take on a person’s appearance when you use Polyjuice, you will not receive access to their knowledge and memories, so you won’t automatically know the family motto in the quest.

How to Get the Black Family Motto in Hogwarts Legacy

When you speak to Scrope over the course of the quest, make sure to choose the dialogue option of, “It’s to do with purity of blood.” Doing that will trigger his response, telling you that the family motto is “Toujours Pur.” To have the conversation with Scrope, look for him in the Great Hall.

Those familiar with the lore of Harry Potter won’t be too surprised by the Black Family motto, which is French for “Always Pure.” Throughout the timeline, the Black family believed that wizard blood and Muggle blood should never mix. Once you have the motto in hand, return to the headmaster’s office. The slogan will gain you entry, and that’s the end of your trouble with the Black family motto in Hogwarts Legacy.

The “Polyjuice Plot” quest takes place near the end of the Hogwarts Legacy main quest line, but there are plenty of sidequests and collectibles to keep you busy for a long time if you’re in no hurry to leave the Wizarding World anytime soon.

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