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What is the Code for the Armory Door in System Shock Remake?

What is the code to the door of the armory in System Shock Remake

Are you struggling to arm up in the System Shock remake? Do you want to modify your weapon or fling a few more grenades around? Then the Medical Level armory could be just what you need. The snag is that it’s locked with a door code. If you want to know what the code for the armory door is in the System Shock remake, I’ve got the answer. 

How to Find the Code to Access System Shock Medical Level Armory

You’ll encounter the armory, marked with a keypad and a grenade symbol, fairly early on. However, you won’t get the code until later, from one of Althea Grossman’s audio logs. At that point you can traipse back and unlock the armory.

If you want to skip the runaround, the good news is that while some games slap your wrist for trying to use a code you can’t possibly know, the System Shock remake isn’t one of them. 

So, if I tell you that the code is 705, you can type it in on the keypad, head inside, and collect all those goodies.

Aside from grenades and other equipment, you’ll also find a weapon mod machine which, while it does require credits, is very handy early in the game. 

On the subject of the code for the armory door in the System Shock remake, that’s what you need to know. And if you’re looking for more about the game, make sure to take a look through our coverage and guides

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