What on Tatooine is Star Wars: Detours?


LucasArts might have a new Star Wars game in the works that takes a detour from the norm.

A recently discovered LucasArts trademark attempt could be a hint toward the title of a future Star Wars game. The trademark is for a property called Star Wars: Detours.

CVG found the trademark, which is for computer games, interactive entertainment, downloadable interactive entertainment, and many other forms of media. It also covers the use of the name for toys, books, pens, and snow globes.

As is the case with most trademark filings, there isn’t any information detailing what Star Wars: Detours might be. It could have something to do with the Kinect Star Wars game coming out this year, or a completely different project.

The only thing that I can think of based on the name is that Detours might be a game filled with “What If” circumstances from the Star Wars universe, in the same vein as the shocking DLC from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. What if Luke never destroyed the Death Star? What if Chewbacca could use the Force and turned to the Dark Side? Those sorts of things.

I’d be up to play a game like that, and I think many others would too. Force Unleashed‘s DLC shows LucasArts’ willingness to take chances in that area. Or Detours could be a game about piloting a freighter around the universe while obeying galactic traffic laws. That could be fun too.

Source: CVG

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