Bethesda is giving away sweet Dishonored loot to whoever can put together the best remix of “The Drunken Whaler.”

“The Drunken Whaler” may not be the most original song ever, but the version that turned up in the E3 gameplay trailer for Dishonored was certainly creepy enough to be memorable. It was also creepy enough to be a bit of a chore to make; as Jason Menkes of Copilot Strategic Music & Sound explained, not everyone was thrilled with the idea of having their young children singing about slit throats, rusty cleavers and hungry rats.

“In the end, we crafted a choir from child actors who could carry a tune, adult singers who impersonate young voices, and the children of our very understanding family and friends,” he said..

For those of you who can’t get enough of that child-like ode to horrific murder, Bethesda is now giving the song away in MP3 format. But that’s not all! A remix contest is also underway, with fame, fortune and some free swag up for grabs. Just snag the “Drunken Whaler” stems from, create your own track and then upload it to the site before 5 pm EST on September 28. The top ten entries will get a Dishonored t-shirt, a poster and a free copy of the game, and the big winner will also be featured in an interview that will be posted on the Bethesda Blog.

The contest is open to anyone 18 or older who resides in the U.S., the E.U., Australia or New Zealand, but apparently not Canada, which strikes me as a bit odd. But hey, even if you can’t enter, free music is never bad – and this track is pretty good.

Dishonored comes out October 9 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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