Hogwarts Legacy Mount Hippogriff Flying When Can I Use a Mount in Hogwarts Legacy?

You might not be able to play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, but the moment you take flight on a Hippogriff, the magic of the Harry Potter movies comes alive. Of course, mounts are not the fastest way to fly in Hogwarts Legacy — riding your broom will often get you to your destination much faster — but exploring the Hogwarts grounds atop a mount is nothing short of majestic. You’ll have to unlock the ability to ride a mount before you can take flight atop a Graphorn, though. The game environment is huge, and there will be a lot of travel needed to get to different story missions and side quests, so getting a mount will make getting around the world much more manageable. Here is when you can use a mount in Hogwarts Legacy.

You Can Use a Mount in Hogwarts Legacy When You Finish “The High Keep”

Your character won’t be able to ride a mount until you complete “The High Keep,” the twenty-seventh story mission. In “The High Keep,” you’ll rescue Highwing and his friend from evil poachers. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to ride Highwing in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are currently four mounts available in Hogwarts Legacy. They are Hippogriffs Highwing and Caligo, a Thestral named Sepulchria, and a Graphorn called Lord of the Shore. In addition, if you preordered the game, the mounts included as a preorder bonus will unlock once “The High Keep” is completed.

Once you’ve earned the right to ride a mount, you can summon the beast by pressing LB/L1 combined with Y/Triangle. Then take flight by pressing the A button on the Xbox consoles and X on the PlayStation 5.

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