Here is everything you need to know about when and how you get the broom and how to equip it in Hogwarts Legacy.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic wizarding sport Quidditch or just need to get around the castle faster, one of the most anticipated parts of Hogwarts Legacy for many fans was knowing they’d be able to fly their very own broom. And while the game takes place before the days of the Nimbus 2000, many players will want to know the fastest way to get their in-game broom. So here is the answer to when you get a broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

You Get a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy After You Complete the Jackdaw’s Rest Main Mission Quest

Finishing Jackdaw’s Rest in the main story unlocks a number of things, from talent point upgrades to the much anticipated broom. Once the quest is over, players will have access to their first Flying Class, which can be found on the Hogwarts main lawn. In the class, instructor Madam Kogawa will give you two specific tests before you take a flying lap across Hogwarts.

While you will have learned to fly your broom, you’ll still need to purchase a broom of your own, so head down to Hogsmeade and stop by the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop in town. Note that this shop will be closed until you attend your first flying lesson.

Here, you’ll be able to look through an assortment of brooms to purchase, though no matter which you pick, it’ll cost 600 gold. If you need help making that much cash, there are a number of ways to make money quickly in the game that will make buying the broom a breeze. So now that you know when and how to get your broom in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s how to take to the skies.

How to Equip the Broom

In order to equip your broom, simply hold the LB or L1 if you are playing on Xbox or PS or the Tab button if you are playing on PC. This will make the player take off. Once airborne, moving through the air will be the exact same as how the game’s ground movement works. For those looking to make it to a Hogwarts class when running late, you gain a short boost of speed by pressing LT or L2 on Xbox and PS or just clicking the mouse on PC.

As the game goes on, players will also have the opportunity to upgrade their broom with sidequests like Flight Test, which unlocks after you’ve purchased your primary broom. After completing the sidequest, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your broom, though bear in mind that it will cost a hefty 1,000 gold.

That’s everything you need to know about when and how you get the broom and how to equip it in Hogwarts Legacy.

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