when does Dead Island 2 game take place answer 10 years after the original in a nonspecific year

Dead Island 2 is finally here. Nine years after it was first announced and 10 years after the last Dead Island game saw the light of day, this zombie-bashing game is now a reality. But how does the game factor in those 10 years at all? Just when does Dead Island 2 take place? Here’s the answer.

Dead Island 2 Is Set Around 10 Years After Dead Island’s Initial Outbreak

Dambuster Studios has been reluctant to give Dead Island 2 a specific date. We can understand that — it risks, er, dating a game, even though it hasn’t done the Resident Evil remakes any harm.

However, the developers confirmed in an interview with Game Informer that it takes place in the same universe as Dead Island. They also stated that it’s set in modern times and that 10 years have passed since the original Banoi outbreak.Yes, Dambuster has gone with the actual amount of time that’s passed between Dead Island games.

But the world hasn’t ended, meaning that prior to this second outbreak, LA was normal. Well, as normal as Hollywood can be. It’s a little surprising that Dambuster has tied the games together, even in a relatively minor way. At one point, the game was going to completely ditch the original Dead Island timeline, essentially starting from scratch.

So, Dead Island 2 takes place 10 years after Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, and that’s everything you need to know on the topic of when the game occurs.

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