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Where to Find Clothing Shop Locations in Starfield

New clothes in Starfield

While playing the epic space adventure Starfield, sometimes you’ll want a break from going on missions. There is plenty to do outside of roaming alien planets and gunning down pirates. Perhaps you fancy a little shopping trip? In this guide, we’re breaking down where you can find clothing shops in Starfield.

Where to Find a Clothing Store in Starfield

You’ll be spending a lot of time heading to and from the planet Jemison to visit the Lodge in New Atlantis city. This is where you’ll be picking up your main story quests and is a city you can visit early on in the game. If you want to get a little more style going under your space suit, head to the nearest shuttle station on New Atlantis. From the options choose to go to the Residential District. When you arrive head to your left and follow the path around past Centurian Arsenal. If you see the store CJ’S you’re almost there, continue following the path and then take a right down the ramp. You’ll then be right in front of eit clothiers. Head on inside and talk to the staff member to browse the outfits available. There won’t be a ton of options, but enough to get at least one sweet new outfit that you’ll like. Then you’ll be able to walk the streets of New Atlantis in style!

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Find eit clothiers starfield

Outside of that location on New Atlantis, there are also other places that sell clothing that are relatively easy to find, though they’re not dedicated to that market as eit clothiers is. Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City in the Cheyenne system has more rustic looking clothing in addition to weapons. Otherwise, Newill’s Goods on Neon also has some clothing. Still, your best bet is, generally, going to be eit clothiers, since the selection is wider ranging. So if you’re looking for clothes in Starfield, head on over to eit clothiers in New Atlantis to get yourself a nice new outfit!

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