Here are all the simplest places where you can buy Metroid Prime Remastered digitally or as a physical copy.

The biggest announcement of the February 2023 Nintendo Direct was the revelation that Metroid Prime Remastered exists, and fans did not have to wait long for it. It was released that very same day digitally, and a physical version was announced to be released shortly afterward. In all cases, it retails for $39.99, so here is where you can buy Metroid Prime Remastered physically and digitally at retailers.

You Can Buy Metroid Prime Remastered at All the Usual Retailers

If you want to buy the digital version of the game, you can do so directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you want to track down a sweet physical copy, there are a few retailers you can check out.

As of this writing, most major retailers have the game in stock, such as Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy. However, there seems to be an interesting tidbit regarding the release of the physical edition. In the announcement trailer and in the Direct, Nintendo stated that the physical version of the game would release on February 22, 2023, yet that isn’t the date listed for all of the retailers. While that is the date listed on Amazon and Best Buy’s website, the release date on GameStop lists the game as arriving February 13, 2023. This may be a clerical error.

It doesn’t really matter much in the long haul, as it is only a week’s difference for a game that you can download right now. But if you’re just itching to add Metroid Prime Remastered to your physical inventory as soon as humanly possible, and you are debating where to buy it, perhaps you should roll the dice and preorder at GameStop.

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