Where to Find Every Wolf 3D Secret Level in The Old Blood

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Do battle against pixelated Nazi scum in retro Wolf 3D levels hidden throughout Wolfenstein: The Old Blood with our Easter egg locations guide.

One level wasn’t enough for The Old Blood. MachineGames’ follow-up builds off The New Order’s hidden Wolfenstein 3D level by including the full first retro episode. That includes a deadly boss fight in Chapter 8. There’s a trophy or achievement attached to every single secret stage, so if you’re looking for completion or just want a taste of that old-school Id charm, check out where to find every nightmare bed with the text tips below.

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Wolf 3D Secret Levels Locations Guide

Hidden in every chapter, there are beds that lead to Wolf 3D nightmare stages. Look for Wolf 3D posters near sleeping mats, bunks or any sort of bed to quickly identify dream locations.


  • Hidden Level: After passing through the turn-styles and meeting Rudi Jager, turn around and look on the desk opposite the typing guard. There’s a key on the surface near the elevator. Grab it and enter the elevator with Wesley to ride to the cable car. With the key, you can now open the locked gate to the right. Take the steps down to find a bed in an alcove below.

Chapter 1

  • Hidden Level: Escaping the kennels, BJ will fall into a mental asylum. Continue past the first prisoners and open the grating in the bloody cell. Drop into the first floor room and look at the lower bunk bed to find the second nightmare level.

Chapter 2

  • Hidden Level: At the central dock, activate the boat on the right and ride it into the passage where it stops — a very similar room to the one that ended Chapter 1. Hop up onto the platform and look in the alcove to the right to find a mattress. That’s your third nightmare level.

Chapter 3

  • Hidden Level: After dealing with the two Nazi Officers in the opulent dining chamber, stop in the small room where the second officer hides if you’re caught. Through the very next doorway, there’s a safety railing to the right. Hop over it and fall into the floor below. There’s a bed roll in the corner with a lit oil lamp.

Chapter 4

  • Hidden Level: Arriving at the village following your cable car escape, BJ enters the tavern. A young woman invites BJ in through the back door. Go upstairs in this room. There’s a bed beneath the window.

Chapter 5

  • Hidden Level: Past the docks and spiral tower you’ll have to sneak past dangerous super soldiers. Once you leave the area, you’ll enter an alley with the same drunken man BJ met outside the tavern. Turn left from the town drunk and turn left once again to enter a covered area with a truck. There’s a bed in the dirty corner.

Chapter 6

  • Hidden Level: Fighting through the docks after returning to Kessler’s boat to find it empty, BJ enters the first sneaking area in Chapter 5. Move through the burning village and swim under the archway bridge. Climb up the ladder and turn left. There’s gold in the corner. Follow the wooden dock and turn left into a dead-end with an oddly placed bed leading into another retro stage.

Chapter 7

  • Hidden Level: After smashing through the first door, shoot down the drawbridge and smash through a second door, you’ll enter a street with a burning car ahead. Jump over the railing to the right of the army car and enter the long arched waterway tunnel opposite the docks. It’s a long swim to reach a curved platform. Climb up onto dry concrete and turn right. The bed is in the back corner.

Chapter 8

  • Hidden Level: The final retro level, featuring a tough boss, is found in a secret area. In the catacombs you’ll reach a room with soldiers shooting through windows. There are side-rooms to explore on the left and right — enter the room to the left and turn left to find a hole in the steps. Drop in and crawl through the tiny passage to the left where you land. Inside this secret room, look in the lower internment alcove to find a morbid bed. That’s the last nightmare level available in The Old Blood. Congratulations!

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Die, Grösse, die! (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete all nightmare levels
  • German Alps nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the prologue nightmare
  • Prison nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare in chapter 1
  • Docks nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare in chapter 2
  • Wolfenstein Keep nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare in chapter 3
  • Escape! nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare in chapter 4
  • Wulfburg nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare in chapter 5
  • Ruins nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare in chapter 6
  • Old town nightmare (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare in chapter 7
  • Guten tag! (20 points / Bronze)
    Complete the nightmare boss level

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