Here is the answer to where you can watch the Shadow and Bone TV series, the adaptation of the Leigh Bardugo book series.

Shadow and Bone, based on the young-adult books by Leigh Bardugo, sees a light-wielding magic user taking on the forces of darkness. As you do. But how can you dive into this fantasy TV series? Should you head over to HBO? Amazon? If you’re wondering where to watch the Shadow and Bone series, here’s the answer.

Shadow and Bone Is Only Available on Netflix, and It’s Unlikely to Change

Shadow and Bone has been developed for and funded by Netflix, so the only place to watch it is Netflix. That means you’ll need a device — PC, console, phone, TV stick, and so on — capable of streaming Netflix.

You’ll also need an active Netflix subscription, though all the episodes of its seasons are released at once. So you could easily binge the show in a month if that’s all you’re after.

Could Shadow and Bone be coming to other services or mediums? It’s doubtful. Some networks / streaming services do make their shows available in other places. House of the Dragon, for example, was broadcast on HBO and, in the UK, Sky. But now, you can buy it on Blu-ray or purchase it on Amazon.

Netflix, however, has rarely done this — The Santa Clarita Diet is still only available on Netflix, nearly four years after its cancellation, for example. So, if you want to know where to watch the Shadow and Bone series, the answer is you can only watch it on Netflix.

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