Here is everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy difficulty options, so you can choose the right one for you.

In any game, choosing the right difficulty level can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your playthrough. Some of you masochists out there want everything super challenging, while others may want to experience the story without worrying about dying over and over. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are thankfully several different difficulty levels available to choose from, and I will walk you through them so that you can choose the option that best suits you.

Here Are the Difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy to Choose From


Story is the easiest difficulty on offer and is designed to give you exactly what the name suggests, a focus on the story rather than gameplay challenge. If you’re perhaps exhausted after a long day of work and just want to feel like a Dumbledore-tier wizard easily blasting your enemies away while enjoying the story, this is a great choice for you.


Easy is the next level up from Story and adds a small amount of challenge back into the gameplay, making foes a little tougher, but the focus here is still very much the story. The gameplay challenge won’t slow you down much here.


As expected, Normal is the most balanced difficulty option you can choose in Hogwarts Legacy. You won’t struggle to beat your opponents, but there will be plenty of challenges as the enemies will be much more competent in flinging spells at you. You’ll experience the story with some challenging gameplay along the way. Pick this difficulty if you’re up for a bit more challenge in your dueling without its going overboard.


Hard is where things really ramp up and the focus shifts towards the gameplay. You’ll need to be casting, blocking, and dodging like you’ve stumbled into a Harry Potter-themed copy of Elden Ring. While the challenge is certainly difficult to master, if you can, it will truly make you feel like a badass wizard nailing those blocks, counters, and spell combos.

That’s all there is to know about the various difficulty options to choose in Hogwarts Legacy, so you now have a better idea of which difficulty will suit you best to play on. Luckily, in Hogwarts Legacy you can actually change difficulties as you go, so you’re free to change if you’ve chosen the wrong one for you!

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