Who is in the Rabbit Hole TV Series

Who is in the Rabbit Hole TV Series?

Rabbit Hole sees Keifer Sutherland, once again, embroiled in all sorts of spying shenanigans. But unlike his previous stint in 24, he’s the hunted instead of the hunter. Framed for murder, he’ll need more than the threat of a damp towel to get to the truth. But, as well as Sutherland, who else is in the Rabbit Hole TV series? Here’s the answer.

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Here’s Who’s Playing Who in the Rabbit Hole Series 

These are the actors who feature in more than a couple of episodes of Rabbit Hole, though you shouldn’t expect all of them to finish any given episode with a pulse. 

  • Kiefer Sutherland – John Weir
  • Charles Dance – Dr. Ben Wilson
  • Jason Butler Harner – Valence
  • Rob Yang – Edward Homm
  • Meta Golding – Hailey Winton
  • Enid Graham – Josephine ‘Jo’ Madi
  • Walt Klink – The Intern
  • Alexandra Castillo – Liv (Olivia) Bonen
  • Matthew MacFadzean – Morgan Shaw
  • Maia Jae Bastidas – Eliza Wells
  • Jonas Chernick – Xander Arnaz
  • Yvette McKoy – Hunter #3
  • Elisa Campanella – Chloe Madi
  • Blair Johannes – Hunter #2

Keifer Sutherland, apart from 24, has had multiple TV and movie roles. To us, he’ll always be David from The Lost Boys, though those annoying YouTube trading app ads are starting to erase that. In this show, he plays John Weir, a private spy framed for murder.

You may or may not recognize Charles Dance’s name but you’ll absolutely know his face. Like Sutherland, he’s had a huge number of roles but is perhaps known best, recently at least, as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones. And Rob Yang was Lawrence Yee on Succession. He may not have died on the toilet like Tywin Lannister, but he exited the show during Season 2.

You can expect other characters to figure into other episodes, but those are some of the more significant roles in the show. And that’s all you need to know about who’s playing who in the Rabbit Hole series. If your interest is piqued, make sure to check out our guide to where you can watch the series.

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