Wii Comes of Age


Take Two is looking at bringing M titles to the Wii.

There are some things that would seem not to go together, like sausages and custard, or perhaps the Wii with blood and gore, especially after the fiasco that was Manhunt 2.

With the Wii being marketed as a “family friendly console,” it takes a brave man to try and push titles that would make most families want to cover young Jimmy’s eyes and switch off in horror.

Take Two is attempting to be that man, with the release of GTA: Chinatown Wars. Closely watching its release on the DS (another family friendly console,) GTA:CW will see if there is a viable market for M-rated games on the two consoles; if it succeeds, gamers should look for more to come.

Both Bully and Manhunt 2 have already been released to rather lackluster sales, but neither have the pull of a GTA title, and that’s where Take Two is poking its barrel at the moment.

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is the Wiimote or the DS Stylus. It’s one thing to use the PC keyboard or the console keypad to simulate attacks; but with the Stylus or Wiimote, the actions will be that little step closer to mimicking the real actions.

And I’m sure most of you can think of a couple of extra uses as well…

Source: 1up

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