Lauren Bernat, whom you might better remember as the Wii Fit Girl, is making a new round of appearances in online videos, this time as a spokeswoman for the upcoming EA Sports Active.

Bernat stumbled half-naked into her 15 seconds of internet fame when a video of her playing with the Wii Balance Board clad only in panties and a t-shirt was posted to YouTube by her grinning idiot boyfriend. Or so the story goes; almost as soon as the video went online viewers began questioning whether it was actually a clever viral marketing campaign by Nintendo. Regardless, it was a tremendously popular video and has been viewed over 8 million times since being posted in May 2008.

And now she’s back, capitalizing on that “fame” for the benefit of the new EA Sports Active title, a new “virtual fitness” product for the Wii from Electronic Arts. In a new promotional video EA Canada PR Manager Jen Riley addresses a crowd while Bernat punches, jumps and squats her way through the game’s workouts, all while struggling to keep a perky, “lovin’ every minute of it” smile on her face.

EA Sports Active is set for release in May and while Riley said the company had no further announcements at this time, she did point out that along with being a game EA Sports Active is also a brand, strongly implying that future “virtual fitness” titles for the Wii would be revealed in the future.

I suppose there are worse ways to handle being the subject of a potentially humiliating video seen by millions of people around the world, and kudos to Bernat for capitalizing on it and turning her internet notoriety to her advantage. But I still think her boyfriend is a meathead.

Source: Joystiq

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