How do you get consumers to buy a game that’s received lackluster reviews and so-so word of mouth? Throw in red and blue glowing lightsaber peripherals that, that’s how.

Though the Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was panned by critics for its lackluster gaming experience, Thrustmaster is poised to potentially inject some added enjoyment into the mix for depressed, Nintendo-bound Jedi. This month, the peripheral maker offers a welcome opportunity for more realistic Wii Remote lightsaber battles with its slick Glow Saber Duo Pack NW.

For $34.99, each pack comes with two plastic lightsaber peripherals (red and blue) that, despite being diminutive, actually offer a reasonably solid and visually pleasing design. The Wii Remote clicks comfortably into the hilt, and the short light-up blade is flexible and features rounded edges to reduce the risk of inadvertently causing bodily harm. Each saber runs on three AAA batteries, providing substantial illumination, and the 17 LED lighting system has an on-off switch to keep from eating up precious energy during down time between epic Star Wars reenactments in your living room.

The Wii sabers noticeably lack the ability to make sound, but that’s easily remedied. BZZZZZOOORRCCHH! ZZZVVVVVVAAAAACKKKT!

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