WiiWare Game Gravitronix Announced for Early 2008

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Small studio Medaverse announces a WiiWare title for early 2008.

Medaverse Studios, a fresh eight-person team yet to create a title, has been cleared by Nintendo to develop Gravtronix for the Wii’s upcoming WiiWare independent developer channel. Gravitronix, set for an early 2008 release, will be an action game for one to four players (potentially eight with online play) where competitors will assault enemy “territories” using the four projectiles in the game’s logo.

Lead Designer Jesse Lowther explained the company’s console choice. “As a creative team, we had always toyed with the idea of game development and we even had an RPG in the planning stages during the height of the GBAs popularity. We had all but given up that dream, but when Nintendo first revealed the Wii remote to the world, that dream came back with a vengeance. Once WiiWare appeared on the horizon, we knew it was our chance.”

Lowther continued, “We’re looking forward to introducing our own unique style to the gaming world with Gravitronix. We hope to offer a fun and accessible gaming experience which is easy to learn but a challenge to master, including a robust multiplayer mode with enough hidden depth to keep even the most hardcore of players struggling to outdo each other. The way we see it, if you don’t swear when you lose to another player, we haven’t done our job.”

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