Online game publisher WildTangent will power the game console on all new HP desktops and notebooks, beginning in January 2008.

Web-based game company WildTangent has announced a new deal with HP that will see its gaming platform being used to power the HP Games Console on new HP consumer desktop and notebook PCs shipped worldwide.

Already found on over 25 million PCs, more than any console on the market, the deal will allow WildTangent’s platform to reach even more users.

WildTangent CEO Alex St. John believes WildTangent is the future of gaming. “I think we’ll see an shift where consoles begin to lose their relevance and gaming as a hobby comes back to the PC,” St. John said. “We’ve learned throughout research that everyone is playing games, not just the ‘hardcore’ hobbyists we know.”

This new arrangement with HP, which will begin in 2008, will give users access to a growing library of over 450 games.

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