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The magic is once again dead. Deadline reports that Disney has canceled the Willow TV series at Disney+, meaning that there will be no season 2. The first season premiered back on November 30 and concluded on January 11, and it wrapped up with enough loose ends to make a season 2 not just feasible but pretty clearly intended by Lucasfilm. You can forget about all that now though.

As Deadline notes, Willow being canceled follows from a broad reassessment Lucasfilm is doing of its portfolio, now that some Star Wars movies are all but canceled and it’s not even clear what the next movie in the franchise will be for 2025. There are several Star Wars Disney+ shows available in the works, like The Mandalorian, lord and savior Andor, Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew, and The Acolyte. Combine that with the fact that Disney is realizing — oh wait, making tons of multi-million-dollar shows for a streaming service might not be profitable — and it would make sense that Lucasfilm would decide to back off on a season 2 for Willow.

The show itself was alright. It played its fantasy tropes surprisingly straight most of the time, which is oddly refreshing in this era of subversion for the sake of subversion. But as our esteemed critic Darren Mooney noted, the show could play things too conservatively when it really counted (among other issues the show had). It was a fine revival of the original 1988 movie, but like that movie, it evidently couldn’t generate enough interest for sequels.

Let us know what you think of Willow getting canceled at Disney+.

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