Windbound 5 lives studio trailer

Satellite Reign developer 5 Lives Studios announced its latest title today, and it will challenge players to survive a shipwreck. Published by Deep SilverWindbound will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Aug. 28. The survival action game will focus on having to hunt in order to survive while also making exploration a key part of staying alive.

The story revolves around a young warrior named Kara that finds herself alone on an island after her ship crashes. She’ll have to take advantage of the island’s resources if she wishes to survive, and 5 Live Studios teases a rich backstory to the island. Beyond typical survival game action, Windbound players will also be able to craft boats in order to explore new sections of the procedurally generated world.

The developer promises that each of the Forbidden Islands in Windbound will have their own ecosystem and landscape for players to explore. Once resources become scarce, players will have to craft a boat and move on to other locations. Boats can be fully customized and will have to be properly built in order to take on dangerous winds, sea creatures, and rough tides.

5 Lives Studios previously released the cyberpunk real-time tactics title Satellite Reign in 2015. The title was meant to be a spiritual successor to the Syndicate series of tactics titles. The game was a Kickstarter success in 2013, raising over $720,000 and released to a favorable reception from critics and fans alike.

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