Windows Vista Pricing Revealed


Microsoft has gone public with the final cost for Windows Vista, the only operating system to support DirectX 10.

After weeks of speculation, Microsoft has finally released the final pricing structure for Windows Vista. It’s worth noting that the “Basic” version will lack the advanced 3D interface functions the other versions will have.

Full versions

* Windows Vista Home Basic: $199
* Windows Vista Home Premium: $239
* Windows Vista Business: $299
* Windows Vista Ultimate: $399

Upgrade versions

* Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade: $99
* Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $159
* Windows Vista Business Upgrade: $199
* Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade: $259

All versions will support DirectX 10, the new graphics standard for future games. Windows XP will not support DirectX 10, so users who want to get the most out of the next line of video cards will have to get the latest operating system from Microsoft.

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