Wizards of the Coast Cancels Kaijudo Card Game


The Vortex card set will be the final paper release for the action trading card game.

Wizards of the Coast announced today that it is discontinuing the action trading card game Kaijudo. The Vortex card set, due out on August 29, will be the final paper release for the game. Organized play, known as Kaijudo Duel Days, will continue to run at retailers until October. The Kaijudo team will continue to run the Winter Championship on October 10 through 12, held in Providence, Rhode Island. At this final tournament for the game, Wizards of the Coast will give each participant at the a digital copy of the planned November card set, Eye of the Storm.

“This turn of events is truly heart-breaking for all those involved with Kaijudo at Wizards of the Coast because of our own love of Kaijudo, and the passion we see and feel from our community,” says Wizards of the Coast Brand Director R.E. Dalrymple. “We can’t be more grateful to our fans, retailers, and distributors for the enthusiasm they brought to the game and their participation in making Kaijudo a great experience for all.”

In Kaijudo, two players face off with 40 card decks. Players summon creatures into battle and play spells against their opponent, until one player breaks the other’s shields. Each player uses five cards, drawn from their deck, as shields. When a shield is destroyed, the card returns to the player’s hand and can be used normally. The game is inspired by kaiju movies, starring giant monsters like Godzilla, and the Duel Masters manga and anime franchise. The first Battle Decks for Kaijudo were released in June 2012, and an animated TV series related to the game aired for two seasons in the United States. Have you played Kaijudo? Tell us about your experiences in comments!

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