WizKids Announces Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters for Fourth Quarter Release


WizKids is apparently hoping to follow the massive response to Marvel Dice Masters with a new game set in the Forgotten Realms.

Following the runaway success of the Marvel Dice Masters collectible game earlier this year, WizKids will be giving the Dungeons & Dragons line its own dice-based title later this year.

Appropriately titled Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters, the game is set in the Forgotten Realms setting and will follow a similar set of mechanics to the Marvel game. Over the course of a match, players will collect resources to recruit a “party” of adventurers, each of which is represented by a different die with unique stats. These dice are then used to duel the other players at the table.

A WizKids press release promises the inclusion of recognizable D&D monsters/cannon fodder such as kobolds, drow, mindflayers and beholders. Oh, and possibly a dragon or two.

On Twitter, designer Eric Lang confirmed that Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters will be compatible with other titles in the Dice Masters line.

The game is scheduled to launch the fourth-quarter of this year, with products including a starter set, booster sets, play mats and a dice storage box. No word yet on if one of the featured die is a d20 that never rolls above a 10, but WizKids would be missing out on the spirit of the game if it weren’t there.

Source: WizKids

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