Woman Buys Wooden iPad


Never, ever, buy electronics from a dude in a parking lot.

Growing up in the suburbs, I remember the guys who’d drive around in white vans to mall parking lots and try to coerce people coming out that they have some really great speakers. The story always seemed too good to be true: they had all this inventory of $500 speakers that they were trying to unload fast before their boss found out. It sounded stupid then, just as should have sounded stupid to the woman who was tricked into laying down $180 for what she thought was an iPad in a McDonald’s parking lot in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Opening up the Fedex envelope after she had given away her cash and driven away, Ashley Mcdowell soon realized all she held was a black piece of wood etched with the notorious Apple logo. The 22-year-old called the police, and they are now looking for the two men who had told her that they bought iPads “in bulk.”

Sure, a brand new iPad for $180 when they usually retail for more than $499 is quite a steal, but Mcdowell pretty much deserved what she got.

I mean, who wants an overpriced novelty like the iPad anyway?

Source: Channel 4 Indy News

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