The Wonder Woman television show thought to be scrapped is back on track at NBC.

David E. Kelley had been shopping around a new Wonder Woman television show concept in recent months, but Warner Bros. had apparently given up on securing a network deal due to widespread rejection. In a surprising move, new NBC entertainment president Bob Greenblatt has ordered a pilot episode of Kelley’s Wonder Woman, giving it a new lease of life.

NBC was interested in Wonder Woman previously, but had to turn it down due to being in-between corporate management. Now that Greenblatt is ensconced at the network, Deadline reports he can apparently offer Warner Bros. Television the licensing fee that Kelley required to create the type of show he has in mind.

Kelley calls his Wonder Woman reboot a “huge project” and a “very complicated piece.” It follows Diana Prince as the lady behind the corset of Wonder Woman. In Kelley’s show, Wonder Woman is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles. Prince is reportedly also a high level corporate executive that has to strike a balance between catching muggers and managing the TPS reports of her underlings. As described, it sounds somewhat similar to the dichotomy between Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Despite his high ambitions for the show, Kelley is confident Wonder Woman will continue to move forward. If Wonder Woman‘s pilot is good enough, we could see a strong female superhero with her own television series soon. If you ask me, it all hinges on the ability of Warner’s special effects crew to create a realistic invisible plane.

Source: Deadline

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