WoW on your iPhone sounds to good to be true, but a video posted on YouTube seems to show that it’s very much doable.

What could be more destructive to your life than Peggle in World of Warcraft? How about World of Warcraft accessible at any time, from any place, on your iPhone. It seems to fiendish and not to mention technologically impossible to imagine as a reality, but a YouTube video posted a couple days ago shows that it might actually be possible.

The clip, which has been taken off YouTube since (see it here), shows a man running a World of Warcraft application on his iPhone using the Vollee, a service that makes it possible to run computer-intensive applications over 3G networks (it ran Second Life on phones).

This being the internet, there’s always the possibility that the video is fake, but if you watch all five minutes of it, you’d probably be inclined to believe it’s not. A window in the middle of the screen displays the game, while a virtual d-pad on the right controls movement and hotbuttons on the bottom are for your spells and more. You can even go to the auction house to sell off your 300x linen cloths.

It’s not perfect, not at all. The framerate’s abysmal, and the size of the window and limited number of hotkeys means that, if this is real and ever is released, you won’t be doing much more than simple quests with it. Of course, there’s quite a bit of shadiness surrounding the video, what with its being taken down and Vollee’s website apparently being non-existent (or not, thanks Sodien). So who knows if this’ll ever actually happen. Still, looks like WoW on iPhone’s not completely out of the question.

(Touch Arcade)

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