World of Warcraft‘s Class “Crash Courses” Aim to Help New “Insta-Level 90s”


A series of World of Warcraft guides aim to help players taking advantage of Warlords of Dreanor‘s instant level 90 boost.

One of the perks players can enjoy for pre-purchasing the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Dreanor, is the ability to instantly boost any character to level 90 (including fresh, level 1 characters). The obvious outcome of this is going to be a whole bunch of players at max level with exactly zero idea on how to play their shiny new level 90 characters, so to combat this, Blizzard has released a series of class “crash course” videos.

The video guides are very short and sweet – around three minutes a piece – and offer a very rough guide on what spells players should be casting and when. The guides, while in no way comprehensive, should hopefully stem the flow of players queuing for battlegrounds or dungeons with absolutely no idea of what any of their abilities do.

First up, here’s the Death Knight’s video:

Then, the Druid:

The Hunter:

The Mage:

The Monk:

The Paladin:

The Priest:

The Rogue:

The Shaman:

The Warlock:

The Warrior:

If you’ve recently used an instant level 90 boost yourself, or know of someone else who has, please be sure to share these videos with them!

Source: Blizzard

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