The pinnacle of German engineering may just be the KUKA Titan robot which can lift 1000 kilograms and chase you down a dark alley.

The Kuka Titan is the strongest industrial robot in the world. In a ceremony that borders on the comical, guests were asked to add weights to the dumbbell until it reached mythic proportions. Then the robot performed a “clean and jerk” with the dumbbell weighing 1000 kilograms, 2204.6 pounds or a metric fuckton depending on your nomenclature.

But even more disturbing than a crazy German ceremony displaying the Titan’s lifting capability is the newly added mobility. The KUKA OmniMove base allows the Titan to chase down perpetrators and crush them with its amazing strength. The OmniMove uses multidirectional wheels that allow the Titan to turn corners and maneuver itself quite well.

The cute little youBot in the foreground, basically a smaller, less capable version of the Titan, is just adorable, if deadly.

I don’t know about you, but I’m frightened for how our robot overlords might use the KUKA Titan as shocktroops in their eventual takeover of the human race. For the love of all humanity, please don’t connect the Titan to the Internet. We don’t want to aid Skynet any more than we already have.

Source: BotJunkie

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