WoW Guild Holding Server Hostage


This is easily the coolest bit of MMOG news I’ve heard in a while. A guild on WoW‘s Detheroc server has the key necessary to open up special quest content for the entire server, but is refusing to invite everyone to the party unless the server comes up with 5,000 gold (update: thread deleted). Next, they’ll kidnap the President’s daughter and will only give her back in exchange for full rest XP.

Kotaku is calling them terrorists, but I wouldn’t go that far. They’re just a group of people using the content they’ve been provided to affect the world. Sure, it may be negative, but the sweet is never as sweet without the sour, is it?

But the real question is, how do we resolve this? Who is going to actually give in to extortion in a videogame? In WoW, and pretty much every other MMOG, everyone’s a hero. Someone’s has to step up and defeat these bad guys. But who? Who’s going to be our hero of heroes? Who’s going to unleash the content to everyone, rendering this dastardly guild powerless and broken?

I bet he’ll look like Harrison Ford.

Update: Turns out, it was all a joke, or the guy decided the heat wasn’t worth the 5,000 gold. It’s a shame, really. It would have been incredibly cool to see how this played out over the next few days.

The wait for widescale player-generated content in WoW continues.

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