WW2 Comic Airborne 44 Getting English Version For D-Day Anniversary


The fifth volume of Phillipe Jabernet’s Airborne 44 will be releasing in English and French this May.

At times it can seem like the world of comic books is outright dominated by the stone chiseled visage of the superhero. Go ahead and ask a random person to name a comic book. Chances are the answer will be Batman, Superman or whichever Avenger they happen to most enjoy the most. That being the case, it would probably shock some to know just how wide the world of comics stretches when it comes to content.

Take Airborne 44, for instance. A French series by writer Phillipe Jabernet chronicling the experiences of several individuals during World War 2, the series has seen great success in French-language territories. Success that its creators now hope to replicate in English speaking parts of the world.

With the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy approaching, the books publishers at Casterman have announced that it be releasing an English edition of the book’s fifth volume, entitled No Way Out, this May. While this is clearly pretty deep into the series, the fifth volume will supposedly be relatively self-contained and accessible for new readers. That in mind, if volume 5 were to sell well there’s a chance that rest of the series could also be translated for English audiences. In other words, please do give Airborne 44 a try this May. After all, we can never have too many good comic books.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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