X-Men Plus Clerks Equals Amazing Amateur Film

Lazy Teenage Superheroes takes a look at what it’d be like if the characters from Clerks had super powers.

Michael Ashton’s Lazy Teenage Superheroes is an alternate take on the secret lives of those with super powers. The 13-minute short film features a small team of teenagers with superpowers that are more interested in getting drunk than using them to save humanity from evil.

The supergroup in Lazy Teenage Superheroes is made up of Mitch, Cal, Rich, and Tyler. Mitch has the powers of Phoenix from X-Men, but mostly uses them to smoke marijuana. Cal can shoot electricity from his fingertips, but feels most comfortable when talking about his bathroom habits. Rich is like the Hulk combined with Wolverine, and is the preppy of the group. Meanwhile, Tyler has no powers, but does own a Nintendo Power Glove.

The film follows the team on a day when a few arch-enemies come calling: a bug-like robot, an Edward Scissorhands lookalike that swaps the scissors for lightsabers, and the Don Juan-esque Solario. Little do the Lazy Teenage Superheroes know that the most powerful among them might be their friend Melody.

The movie came out in 2009, and I’m not sure how it remained off the radar. It has great special effects, a funny premise, and lots of geeky references for a unique Clerks-like charm. Somebody get Kevin Smith on the phone, because this concept seems ripe for a bigger budget.

Source: Lazy Teenage Superheroes, via Boing Boing

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